The daughter of a Vietnam vet and an evangelical minister from the suburbs of Virginia’s eastern seaboard. Carrie Thompson’s childhood was bible-belt normalcy: maintaining a guise of composure and virtue, which didn’t last very long. The militant and spiritual family structure began to brew Carrie’s need to escape the south. Journaling, scrapbooking, and writing songs, Carrie was unsure how to best cultivate her passion for making others laugh, while staying off of her parent’s couch.


After studying filmmaking and television production at The Art Institute of Hollywood, Carrie was hit with the reality that not all education ends with a dismount into a stable career. Slinging plates, washing dishes, driving rideshares, selling beauty products. The city of angels invoked a grit and stubbornness that would help her get through the valley of consecutive no’s.


Eventually, Carrie found a yes, working her way up the corporate ranks within the legalistic disciplines of Accounting and Payroll with the intent to master the rules of Hollywood unions, agreements, contracts, and payment schedules for her own Production Company, Stiffhand Productions, incorporated in 2018. Carrie is currently an IATSE Assistant Accountant at HBO for its many below-the-line productions. She’s working through post-production on a lauded proof-of-concept for this year's pilot season, while working towards becoming an episodic Writer/Director. Carrie enjoys drinking wine, traveling to warm climates, and punk rock music. Carrie Thompson is her very own yes.

Carrie Thompson

Small gal, Big Plans